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September 12, 2023
2 minutes
Sam Underwood

In the intricate world of SEO, the importance of aligning the right keywords with user intent cannot be overstated. While keyword research tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs are vital for keyword discovery, there are times when a more systematic approach is necessary—especially when addressing specific user search behaviors.

Let’s first discuss a few scenarios where our tool shines brightest, and then I’ll delve into its key features.

Example use cases

  1. Local Search Optimization: For businesses spanning multiple locales, merging generic keywords with location names is pivotal. Take, for instance, blending [“activities”, “things to do”, “experiences”] with [“New York”, “Los Angeles”, “Chicago”]. The outcome? Hyper-localized keywords such as “Activities New York” or “Things To Do Los Angeles”.
  2. PPC Match Types: Crafting a PPC campaign often involves creating distinct ad groups based on specific topics. To zero in on high-intent users, exact or phrase match keywords are indispensable. And to make this easier, our tool allows the addition of prefixes/suffixes—like “[” and “]” for exact match keywords.
  3. Product Variations: For e-commerce platforms showcasing diverse product models, mixing product names with their variations, like color, sizing, and more ensures comprehensive search query targeting.

Key features

  • Multiple inputs: Incorporate up to three separate keyword or phrase lists, offering a panoramic view of potential combinations.
  • Custom separators: Whether it’s a space, a newline, or any custom delimiter you need, our tool provides the flexibility.
  • Prefix/suffix functionality: Enhance your keyword game, especially for PPC, by easily appending prefixes or suffixes to your keywords, whether for individual words or the entire combined phrase.
  • High capacity: Engineered for robustness, our tool effortlessly generates millions of keyword combinations, sidestepping the lag that plagues many other tools.
  • Effortless download: Export your keyword masterpiece into a txt file, facilitating easy integration into your campaigns.
  • Live combination counter: Monitor the total keyword combinations in real-time, helping you adjust and perfect your lists.
  • Inclusion flexibility: Choose to include individual words from each list in the output, offering a broader range of potential keywords.
  • Diverse merging logics: Select from three distinct merging patterns, catering to various strategic needs and campaign nuances.

Final words

Navigating the intricacies of SEO requires a tool that’s both precise and versatile. Our keyword tool is precisely that—beyond enabling you to achieve localized targeting and fine-tuned PPC campaigns, it offers a user-friendly interface tailored for heavy-duty tasks. The ability to combine lists, use custom separators, effortlessly integrate prefixes/suffixes, and handle large data sets ensures that you’re armed with a tool built to scale your keyword research process.

Need to generate volume data for a large list? Try our free bulk keyword search volume tool.

Sam Underwood

Sam is an international Ecommerce SEO Consultant with experience implementing enterprise-level SEO strategies.
Technical SEO, SEO strategy, Content strategy
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