Keywords Everywhere review

An add-on for Chrome & Firefox enabling you to find the search volume, CPC & competitor information for different websites.

Publish date:
April 28, 2021
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14 minutes
Sam Underwood
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About Keywords Everywhere

Price range:
$10 - $1000
Chrome Firefox


  • Shows useful data quickly
  • Provides useful resources that teach users to manage their credit
  • Gives historical data over a long period
  • It’s customisable
  • The data on suggested keywords help you decide what to search for instead
  • Provides data across multiple search engines
  • The API key makes it flexible
  • It’s easy and intuitive to use


  • You can easily use up credits if you don’t learn to manage it
  • You can only contact support via email

Keywords Everywhere Screenshot

Keywords Everywhere brings keyword research to the same interface searchers use—the search engines.

So you can instantly see and analyze the keyword performance data of any specific content. This tool helps you find backlinks, keywords data, and ranking performance of all pages on the SERP for any keyword.

This review takes a deep dive into the specifics of how this tool works and reveals the features, support, pricing, and user experience so you can make better business decisions.

What is Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere is a freemium Firefox add-on and Chrome extension. The platform conveniently shows important SEO metrics and keyword research data on search engines and social media.

It offers a wide range of free features that allow you to get important SEO data after installation. However, you must get a valid API key to access premium features like volume data and CPC.

We’ll discuss these features as we go into the review.

When you turn on your Keywords Everywhere extension while using Google search, you’ll see important keyword data overlaying the SERP. The extension fetches and displays the keyword’s monthly search trends for all web pages that appear on the SERP for that keyword. 


Keyword Everywhere provides on-the-go keyword metrics. The tool is reasonably priced and has extensive keyword research features. Its responsive support and excellent UX make it a great addition to your tool stack. Keywords Everywhere has no publicly available product roadmap but recently introduced AI prompt templates.


Keyword Everywhere has one of the best designs and UX for a specialized keyword research tool. You don’t have to log in to access its metrics. Instead, it integrates with Google, YouTube, Amazon and other tools, allowing you to see these metrics on those platforms.


The tool is not chock-full of features but has helpful functionalities typical of a specialized keyword research tool. So it doesn’t overwhelm you with unnecessary features. It also comes with browser add-ons and integrates with over 15 tools.


There is no publicly available information on the product roadmap. However, it recently launched “ChatGPT prompt templates” as part of its features. This addition means the tool is up to date with the latest trends and open to improvement.


Keywords Everywhere offers only email support. So assistance is not in real-time. However, it provides robust user guides and knowledge base articles in text and video formats. The software could benefit from having multiple support channels. This feature will allow users to reach them on their preferred channels.


The tool is worth the pricing. The plan starts at $1 monthly, billed annually, for 100,000 credits. And this gives you access to 100,000 keywords, including critical metrics like search volume, CPC, competition and 12 months of historical data.

Overview of key features

  • Keyword Widgets Shows related keywords, long-tail keywords, and people also ask keywords. However, it doesn’t give free users keyword volume data.
  • Trend Charts Shows trend charts on YouTube and Google from 2004 to all users. But, it doesn’t include historical volume data in the free version.
  • YouTube Metrics – Show search insights, video insights, SERP metrics, and YouTube tags.
  • Traffic Metrics Display the top 5,000 keywords for any domain or URL and their monthly estimated traffic.
  • Moz Link Metrics Shows domain authority, spam score, DA trend, backlinks, total referring domain, and more.
  • On-Page Analysis Gets the list of keywords within the page of any analyzed URL. Then shows their associated on-page keyword density.
  • Competitor Gap Analysis Analyzes competitors to search for keywords they rank for but lack in yours.
  • Accurate Monthly Search Data The extension shows accurate monthly search volume, competition, trends, and CPC.
  • Volume Data in Multiple Google Properties Like Google Analytics, Google Search, Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, Google Trends, and Google Planner.
  • Volume Data in Multiple eCommerce Websites The extension works on eCommerce sites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay to show keyword-level volume data.
  • Volume Data in Multiple Search Engines The extension also shows volume data on search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, and DuckDuckGo.
  • Volume Data In Multiple SEO Tools The platform overlays volume data in SEO tools like Soovle, Keyword Shitter, and Answer The Public.
  • Import Keywords It allows one to import keywords to analyze CPC, search volume, as well as competitors
  • Trend Data While on YouTube and Google, the extension allows one to see historical volume data in the trend charts.
  • Bulk Trends Keywords Everywhere allows users to obtain trends from bulk data.


The extension uses Google API to pull keyword-level data and overlay it on the search results page. Although Keywords Everywhere allows you to access many features for free, this review will show you how to use the paid and free features.

Keyword Suggestion

Keywords Everywhere starts to work as soon as you start typing a keyword on a search engine.

Let’s take Google, for instance. You’ll see several suggested keywords associated with your search as you start typing. The extension shows the relevant data for each suggested keyword.

Google Search 1

After deciding what keyword to use, this data comes directly below your search term.

Volume Search 1

On-Page Analysis

The on-page analysis shows you the search engine optimization level and data of the page.

Keywords Everywhere’s on-page optimization extends beyond search terms to show other keyword data for each page on the SERP.

For example, when you hover your mouse over the data beside each page detail, you’ll get a drop-down that shows the monthly organic traffic number and total keywords for the URL and the domain, respectively.

Traffic 1

Under each of the listings on Google’s SERPs, the extension displays

  • Moz DA rating
  • Referring domain
  • Backlinks
  • Spam score
Sport Shoes Images 1

Backlinks and Moz Link Metrics

At the end of this data, you’ll see a link that allows you to open up the backlinks to that page.

Shoes Images 2

Click “Show backlinks” for a drop-down that shows you the referring links, the anchor text, and the Moz rating for each of the backlinks.

Sports Shoes Keywords 1

You can view additional backlinks for the page by clicking the arrow beside the number of pages or by increasing the number of backlinks to display per page.

10 Pages 1

You don’t have to be a paid user to access this data because they’re free data from MOZ.

The default view shows one backlink per subdomain. However, you can expand it to show backlinks for the entire domain or all the backlinks per subdomain.

Backlinks Per Domain 1

Keywords Everywhere update your backlinks data monthly. So, if you’re using the extension to run a link-building campaign, you might need to wait a month to see your result.

Keyword Widgets

To the right of the SERP listings, you’ll see some relevant widgets.

Related Keywords 1

The first widget shows some important SEO scores. These scores include

  • A button that shows long-tail keywords
  • SEO difficulty rating
  • Off-page difficulty rating
  • On-page difficulty rating and
  • Brand query.

The first button allows you to find long-tail keywords for your search term.

Long Tail 2

This list shows keywords that can be used in place of your search term. Users can see keywords that might be ranking better than your search term.

At the bottom right side of this widget, the extension shows a link that gives a detailed breakdown of the top-ten ranking pages.

Detailed Breakdown 1

Once you click on this link, it opens up to show title, description, Domain authority, SERP highlights, and other keyword data.

Query Sports Shoes 1

Historical Google Trend Data

The second widget shows trend data over time. These trends track seasonality on the keyword in question.

Trend Data 2

The third widget shows related keywords associated with your search term. To the right of these keywords, you’ll see search volume, CPC, competition, and trend. However, that space will be empty if it was a free version.

Cpc Keywords 1

The next widget shows data from “People Also Search For” to suggest related search terms that searchers use.

People Also Search 2

The last widget shows additional long-tail keywords that allow for quick, easy, and extensive keyword research.

Long Tail Keywords 1

YouTube Metrics

Within Youtube, the extension shows the following metrics for each of the pages

  • Number of subscribers
  • Percentage engagement
  • SEO score
  • Views per day
Seo Breakdown 1

Like in the Google search, Keywords Everywhere shows data on the keywords in the search box. Directly below the search box, the extension shows the search volume, CPC, number of competitors, and trends over the past year for the chosen keyword.

Sports Wears 1

The widgets on the right show more details about your keyword.

Find Keywords 1

The first widget allows you to find YouTube keywords for your search term

Znkfuvw2Psl3Lmcopvh5Umxyw0Rt4Qpspgrn42Tmpdcneyrdmkve Gwnnbttxqisbn1Z0Wlio1Svru U Ttjgnq5Bleowunutymaiz8Mbfc9Quv7Sye0Bhpu9 Nlaxjoyvmrw Hkgpifgjgqyqitvlv7Vddulvmr7Bcb

When you click the button, it opens up on a dashboard and starts to import keywords that can be used as alternatives to your search term.

This download can continue till it shows the maximum keyword per page, or you can click the “stop search” button when you’re ok with the number.

New Feature 1

It also allows you to regulate how many keywords the extension displays per page.

Rvvaebxxbtssy2Mpcs 18Xvqfjrpxieom1Cc8Yex6L9Eulq4Ktt3Pbcgggttx1Ukkfenddrl4Za Ey2Qfus95N7Ifb7E6Pml1Adf243Ro94Kcetnexlef8W Qkvlal2Lu5Kzcjyqbr2Lmc2V3Wyhxyy

Plus, you can use the reset filter to streamline your search by specifying the metrics of the data you want to see.

Y8Ch9Aukatxu0Hostjzcn4Xbd9R Prcr83Whapzxay5Lsamv355O7U6Ndwt3Af

The second widget shows search insight, starting with “Ranking difficulty.”

Other parameters include

  • Top channel
  • Query
  • Search volume
  • Maximum views
  • Average views
  • keyword titles and so on
Search Insights 1

Clicking on the link to the “Top channel” takes you to that location. And like Google search, you can get a detailed breakdown of your search insight.

Youtube Search Terms 1

The resulting dashboard shows the

  • Title
  • Channel
  • Number of views
  • Total subscribers
  • Engagement score
  • View per day
  • SEO score, and more.

Trend Charts

In the third widget, Keywords Everywhere show YouTube trend data for your search term. You’ll see how the search volumes have changed over a period of time.

Data Graph

Note that you can choose the duration you want to see.

The platform allows you to streamline or expand your search by choosing from seven days, 30 days, 12 months, five years, and all time.

The last widget shows the most used tags, their search volumes, trends, and usage.

Most Used Tags 1

Bulk Keyword Data Tool

If you’re an old user of Keywords Everywhere, you might know this tool by its former name, “Import Keywords.”

Bulk Data 3

This tool still exists and allows you to enter keywords separated by a new line, semi-colons, or commas. After entering your keywords, click “Get metrics.”

Keyword Data Tool 1

This action shows the necessary data associated with the keywords you enter. You may choose to

  • Add all or some of them to your favorite keywords
  • Copy them to another platform, or
  • Export them as Excel, CSV, or PDF files, print them out if you need a physical copy.
B7Mcislwb1Kd Mdcnhmpdvr3Uq8Cs6Zgjcb2Pw C2Vhh5Xv6 Bqvctze3Nczxkqr7Jjole9Xuj370Kvznq87Liklcwoxs90Ffnbhbrriehr2 Fcjr6Uapevouimbuhyfauinlqkdrnbcafmv009

Bulk Trends

This feature works like the Bulk keyword data tool and gives the user more control over the credit they use.

O7N E7Oinc7Xnzwq3Ywhetc T4 Vydixzcoyox1Orritb3Tvz Ppk3Km Cnawb6R61Wpydeocwhthhof3Pmlqqjctn3C Axn0Qdrxxhdfl14Mfhkopj0Kxylpghsk1Npdccpflrgjqj5Fyqhrahu2Pylevt Ps3Qtupf717Hqa114Xymslifattna

However, it’s best to use this tool if you’re checking trend data for more than 12 months.

6Kwn9Pmicaa69Dekebjn Eaapo7K15Jovgqqcmtamemsw2Otatknftpq96I0Jaedxkww

My favorite keywords

This section is made of keywords that you selected as favorite in previous searches.

Mj Izx36Cibbefpr A2Avhnaxmzs N5Pbq82Shnnerxihetjtrovjz8Crbu4O88Wnuqisholp4Roti 5T4Hppyrx727R5Kgigltqeghkyoeo9Dqgpv8Sm2Frne3Qb9549 S9Q2 Vptfmo917 Hrnrmefexk0Z9Brbunfskl5Hnltcub1Oopm52 Nq

Keywords Everywhere load the updated version of the keyword list each time you load the page. However, the extension deducts only one-fifth of the credit for the keywords in this section.

Aj H1Wmvxs4Hfugxeb0Mv7T 7Tatxipiswuqfkkggxcuxntampq Cgzqcdnamdzlcnza8Xfe Xuvuvrrxt4Gdjxmplxp9Vud2Vdzfbkh78Sjb7Arxtyvxoi Jyeresyk Fkpqvvwi6Qjuzhfqr1Vo5Qkmquyuvtefukzkkeed9Suudy5Ssnswg0Tg

You can only access this feature if you’re a paid user.

Analyze Page Content

The extension allows you to analyze page content by listing all the keywords found on the page and where they were found.

Mm3Jq1Cydsa2Rq6 Ccbz1Xns22Jxojjcghy 2Haqg4Dzcirxtxlpn9 Elvgvxgg2K6O0A9Opfnmixecx0 Xm5Zdmz127Sxegab60Iu Wulrr9Smydjbyyexzx5Vl Fcnts

In the screenshot below, the extension found the keyword “shorts,” in the page title and H3. It has a density of 10.98 and occurred 72 times on the page.

Mypxnaintilkx8Lf7Zdxbi3Xt133Cfoixvtu2Aphcnqphpji3Oamkkekidce5G6H Czr34Oq1Wlwt Zugarsfeejwrlwpxsam0Pdlymuwqf6Iaci9Cgjnjppzl Jtusw0Ck38Kx7Hc D4H4R2Ppecprbtjzu7Bgrglgdkaxygunvphftfqtc8Sukga

The report also shows that the monthly search volume is 201,000.

Free users can only go as far as density and occurrence, while paid users can access advanced metrics.

Velcaxhl54Mx0 Symr00Owvmmuafqe8L Ldxgmdtgfc5Ixdwdkxmscbb263 Uxcc3J Uf3Dbz9Hsdsa4Goxbjrkvbeyvra32Rglofwmf0Xna24Yyiawsfdh388Osu9Qsccnebznkegvntfexb6W0Zvzqgj4Xhr 8Pez7Py Jflbpyrp1Cofuaxgvwq

This report is more likely to use up more credit because it shows more keywords. So, if you’re working with limited credit, you can minimize your spend by using this feature only when you’re analyzing a specific page.

The longer the page, the more credit you’ll use up.

Competitor Gap Analysis

This feature allows you to analyze five of your competitors to see keywords that they’re ranking for, but you don’t.

Wlq6Pjnwclj5Dkbe Irachiwgqurcka3Fju7Oxwzbc Cn5Ciibrb18Mkscki7Kgzv3Pkzwoz7Xhyw9J3Sah5B Jbdrrpojsv8Ffmw92En4T Op Flgeiw2Vwwc6S4Tydg7Lndkcthu7U0Yaw4Okqc2Zfxs17Avuvsk249Ihrahewzaeuwd2R2A66Yg

You’ll enter your website in the first search box. Once you start typing, the platform starts to offer suggestions.

As you click the “Add competitor” button, new search boxes appear until you have five competitors. Then click “Find keywords for my website.”

Erm1Ozo9Hcmxkk6Zymlsm8Keqvfae2P6Asrasdn90Gxrc5V1Zm99Xfp9Xbcqk Sze1S5Lzvjdojopjz4Nivim6Rgm07Oeobjsdezi0Rremfyrzxkvieyqqmn6Ijnadempc9O8Zwqsl3Hxc 0Wjos2J9Uexi3Kzdezjp Am2Bm1Vkjx8Rkssjjm

This feature shows free users only the keywords that the competitors rank for that they don’t, but nothing more.

But paid users can see a further breakdown of the keywords.

O4Rutfwnouxb Swtud Ryphzxeziup9Qkke79Dkmvpbijgiovxu0Gmhsxslbmxa Rgulbytqpzkfq5Qosp8Jjko39Qnap1Brx12Ghywvlvm7F4Alwlxvnty0Ptdva0K7M1Hv33Cb4Rhqy9302Myxzl2Dwrion2Cs4U8Taupoz A T 1Ujdxqt8Qpew

Organic Ranking Keyword for URL

The organic ranking keyword feature allows you to check the top 5,000 keywords of any specific URL.

Jpsyhph0Owkik3Ajzaqaj6 Yjjmtbpnft4Bgvm918Wi9Sjnio0 3Y7Pms6U5I5Lma5W3J Ukzx7Ftvw6Ge0Jw9Ds2Obltiltiz5J4Ysixzx9Uls3 Y68W8Gd8D Kmujtlpaavqnshjtldxr2Zt

This will show you metrics like these:

  • Estimated traffic
  • SERP position
  • Search volume
  • CPC
  • Competitors
  • Trends, and
  • Trending percentage
Hlaibhlizgf6 S5Cqzbjbbhzsdkuujtdmmemev4Zjvafi 2Vbmd2Fxnvbgnyer2Cb7Mc9S4Ud5Rbk1Py Rkicvgiajhaqijstk Nou2Rooifhjcxzaxt P Oa7G6I78Mg3Sncyrmwcplo5Olwnikx 8Oo0Dyixubrjjgihqb Hrzkk3Xhihoz0 Hxw

You can also do the same for the whole domain.

Organic Ranking Keyword for Domain

Mw4Qfmogky 4Wolhkheuqh2Rvi O1Ozc4 8Jpnhucliuc 34Zwnagiei3Oledsllw1Les4Sxitjhndatrauusp5Ezdlh7No1Vlr6Zjzvp6Ekd9Bignp9Smtebrvaupcovxqbmng6Kzevvi Ojsolqkvqi9Mm6Ybxtuw56N0Nkpmps9Vwnspttbnrq

When you click “Organic Ranking Keyword (Domain).” The dashboard will base your result on the whole domain.

Ljvoqwhluckqc8Juqnubnoklfi0Iul Gryravjfsd7Bnfd7Fvq6G5B7Jlwf2Fgp5Mz9Sy5Dpvmx6Lc Z0Birqeb6Wywyrhshbomg6Dam5Jom8Ieb23Ylyc5Cun748Lguiq U1Seicsgglex2J6Mkb

The platform works on multiple Google properties to provide volume data. These include

  • Google Search
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console, and
  • Google Trends

Volume Data in Multiple Search Engines, eCommerce websites, and SEO Tools

Apart from Google, the extension also works on Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo. You’ll also get relevant data on eCommerce sites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Pinterest.

However, Google is the only platform that releases its search volume, others don’t. When you use the other platforms, the extension overlays Google’s data in those areas. In other words, it uses Google’s data to make estimates on other platforms.

So if accuracy is important to you, you might want to focus on using Google with the extension.

Other SEO Tools

The extension works with other SEO tools like Soovle, Keyword Shitter, and Answer The Public.

Get Top Ranking Domains


This feature shows the top 1,000 pages for the website you enter.

Pxmwwlaquutr5W5O3Kmx Pmr0U5Ssgqca3Qhnqak1Il Lyo53Vl3Dl3Ljkk9 Xpboiprqrbeal2Fcqoe09Sz7Hksaslb Fwy

The extension doesn’t charge you credit for this data because it only gives the top pages for the domain, an overview of the total keywords, and traffic to the pages.

However, when you expand each link, it takes a credit per keyword shown.

For instance, when I clicked on the third URL, it opened up to show more data on the 13 keywords you’ll find in the screenshot above.

Vr6Gor65Zjy 601Hqrsv6Woyoyrqonslx Fpqllyvbwpaibxktgcmgs3Epf Zqe3Sc08Ndhlmquxhyhiykrlnugbxqj0Pl Bx Xn6Kgvpsfk1Hibmj6S8Hd6Fiji8I6 Eq Zsazw

Design / UX

Keywords Everywhere allows you to get data on any platform that supports the extension. You don’t have to log in to a separate dashboard.

Once you start using a search term on supported search engines, social media, or eCommerce sites, you’ll begin to see results. 

Although most of these activities cost credits, the platform offers several options that help you save on credit use.

Go to your settings.

Ixlnixmomo Gvw Fsqp94Ycqgqvtuceyg F9Eawh1Pkrojypo6Sqkyugktejzijap9Dib083Pyuiuvvt3Zlgssxnkzuiad19U5Mrs82C7Vo4D9I1Dcmijdibggpgfhfbmx1Te8Snnstdmi Iffjlvu8Phbysfhgi Yjwhh4K9J A53Zbo6Rweirroa

This will take you to the settings dashboard, where you can take out your API key or disable relevant metrics.

The “supported websites” section lists all the websites that Keywords Everywhere is compatible with. Turn off whatever you don’t intend to use at the moment.

Assuming you want to work on Google Keyword planner and don’t want the extension to get data there, turn it off.

Mi45Yg4Uapcqs7Ke7 6Eearhattusnuvgnqkii9Zrjr4J Dx3 Nugr1Klfy6Qjn7Ijygdnajwwtuh1Z8 Nbbqdcexzzuiy Inugv

This stops the extension from deducting credits. You can also turn off widgets you don’t want to get data from while you’re online.

You can turn off a YouTube-specific widget to get data from only Google. You can also save credits by turning off the auto-suggestions in your miscellaneous settings.

Customer support

Although Keywords Everywhere makes arrangements for users to contact help when they’re stuck, they seem to expect users to rely more on their user guides.

The contact page answers commonly asked questions. And you can watch relevant videos that answer your questions further.


99Umjb91Jpivgbqrimuhefrzwi0Uoqbjem Qfoqysm5Racta0Pgcswl7Cigw9Sir3Gaupu15Yg1Qjbg4Gfyfchvrwqbpwvjs70Fbcmwaxs4Ozz6Ff7Lsjtyekuhq5Nrtqci5Ce Gi9Uni7Li 3D0K O4Ivfwp98Wqyqj Bi9Ese96Flnpyua2Ftrzg

With Keywords Everywhere, your subscription lasts for a year except if you exhaust your credit before then.

  • $10 gives 100,000 credits
  • $50 gives 500,000 credits
  • $100 gives 1,000,000 credits
  • $200 gives 2,000,000 credits
  • $500 gives 1 million credits
  • $1,000 gives 10 million credits

Is pricing fair?

I consider the pricing fair since the tool allows you to control your cost and usage. It doesn’t bill based on time. But unused credits expire after a year. Even a $10 credit plan has one year to expire.

This is better than the monthly-payments-pricing-model that most other SEO tools use.


How to use Keywords Everywhere?

To use Keywords Everywhere, first install the Chrome extension or Firefox add-on. You can start using the basic version for free. When you are ready to upgrade to the paid version, follow these steps:

1. Click the “K” icon
2. Click “sign up for an API key” at the bottom of the menu
3. Enter your email address and agree to the terms and conditions
4. Make the payment
5. Wait for the API key to arrive in your email
6. Click the “K” icon again and select “Settings”
7. Enter the API key and click “validate”

Once the API key has been authenticated, you can access all premium functions.

What do I do if I don’t see my credit after making a payment?

It should take about 20 minutes for your credit to appear after payment. If your credit doesn’t appear after this time, contact Keywords Everywhere support.

How does Keywords Everywhere’s credit work?

One credit grants you access to volume and historical data for one keyword. However, Keywords Everywhere does not assign one credit per search. Instead, it assigns credit for each keyword on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). For example, if you conduct a Google search with five keyword suggestions, ten listed pages, and six keywords for the widgets, you will use 21 credits.
However, you only pay one-fifth of the credit per keyword each time you reload the “My Favourite Keywords” section.

What do I do if the extension stops working?

The best thing to do here is contact support.

What happens if my credit disappears after reinstalling the extension?

This issue occurs when you use the wrong API key. Check your activation email message to retrieve the appropriate API key. If you cannot find the email, request a retrieval from Keywords Everywhere support.

What is CPC in Keywords Everywhere?

CPC in Keywords Everywhere shows the cost per click value of the keyword in question. This provides an idea of how much it would cost to run ads.

Can I use Keywords Everywhere for free?

Yes. Once you install the extension or add-on on Chrome or Firefox, you can start using Keywords Everywhere for free. However, you will not have access to premium features.

How do I get rid of Keywords Everywhere?

You can uninstall the extension at any time from your browser.

Final thoughts

Keywords Everywhere is a useful tool for SEO professionals who want to gain insights into the keywords driving traffic to their website. It offers a variety of metrics, including estimated traffic, SERP position, search volume, CPC, competitors, trends, and trending percentage.

The extension works on the following Google properties:

  • Google Search
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Trends

It also works on other search engines and eCommerce websites.

While the extension can clutter some sites, its user-friendly design and UX facilitate easy access to keyword data.

Sam Underwood

Sam is an international Ecommerce SEO Consultant with experience implementing enterprise-level SEO strategies.
Technical SEO, SEO strategy, Content strategy
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