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March 24, 2023
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Nimit Kapoor

With the growing number of AI SEO tools in the market, it can be quite a challenge to choose the best ones for your needs. A good AI SEO tool can help you streamline a lot of your routine SEO tasks, enabling you to dedicate time on more complex tasks to improve better website rankings.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best AI SEO tools that can provide you with a competitive advantage in the digital landscape.

Scalenut Logo

Best overall: Scalenut

On the top of the list is Scalenut, an all-in-one AI SEO tool that enables users to carry out keyword research, generate content briefs, produce articles, perform competitive analysis, and examine comprehensive performance reports, all within a single platform.

Beyond its AI Article Writer, Scalenut provides a range of distinctive features that distinguish it from its competitors. Notably, its content research functionality stands out. In the editor, users can conveniently access the research tab, which is subdivided into five distinct sections:

  • Key Terms – NLP-powered list of key terms and phrases closely associated with the search term.
  • Competition – Competitive insights derived from the top 30 ranking URLs.
  • Questions – List of questions sourced from five different sources: Google’s “People also ask” sections, SERP-questions, Quora, Reddit, and AI-generated questions.
  • Statistics – Statistics related to the chosen topic.
  • Detailed Report – In-depth analysis of the top 30 ranking URLs for the selected keyword.
Scalenut Content Research Screen Recording

This allows users to generate SEO-optimised articles based on robust research and data.

Another standout feature of Scalenut is the Traffic Analyzer. Unlike many other AI SEO tools, which primarily serve as AI writing assistants, Scalenut allows users to seamlessly integrate with Google Search Console. This integration empowers users to generate comprehensive performance reports that include metrics such as total impressions, traffic, average position, click-through rate, keyword count, and the traffic share percentage of URLs.

Scalenut Traffic Analyzer Screen Recording

Key features

  • AI Article Writer
  • Cruise Mode
  • Content and Competitor Research
  • Keyword Planner
  • Traffic Analyzer
  • Marketing Copywriter
  • SEO Integrations with Semrush
  • WordPress Integration
  • Chrome Browser Extension
  • Free SEO Tools like Keyword Rank Checker, SEO Analyzer etc.


Scalenut offers 5 different pricing plans. The paid plans start from $39/month and users can save up to 40% on annual commitments. Scalenut regularly runs limited-time promotional offers, providing users the opportunity to secure annual plans at a 50% discount.

PlansPrice per monthAI Words per monthAI Articles per month

Pros and cons

Beginner-friendly and intuitive UIDoes not provide an API
Integration with Google Search Console and Semrush for in-depth analysisNot suitable for large agencies as a maximum of 2 users are allowed on paid plans. Users have to upgrade to custom pricing to get more user seats.
Extensive research and competitor analysis capabilities compared to competitorsContent generation is only in English
Social listening tools for Google, Quora and Reddit
Extensive library of 40+ AI content templates for easy content generation
In-built content optimizer that provides recommendations to improve content
Provides a wide array of free SEO tools
More cost-effective option compared to other AI SEO tools, offering a similar AI word and article limit.

Why choose Scalenut

Most AI SEO tools offer a similar content creation process and AI template library. Scalenut tries to set itself apart by also focusing on:

  1. Prioritizing the research and analysis phase with its content research feature and seamless integration with Google Search Console.
  2. Streamlining content creation with dedicated workflows, known as Cruise Mode in Scalenut, to enhance efficiency.
  3. Automating the content optimization process through the “Fix It” button within its content editor.
Scalenut Content Optimisation Screenshot
Screenshot 2023 11 29 At 14.16.17 2

Close runner up: Alli AI

Alli AI is definitely not your typical AI SEO tool. While most AI SEO tools focus on AI content writing, Alli AI help companies optimize their websites in minutes. It works with any CMS and makes it easy for users that have no technical knowledge to make and deploy site-wide code and content changes directly from their software.

One distinctive feature setting Alli AI apart from its competitors is its emphasis on automations. Alli AI crawls the website and offers users tailored recommendations for on-page optimization, content enhancements, Schema markups, and internal links. The user simply has to run the automation, and Alli AI deploys the necessary changes directly on the website without requiring users to leave the dashboard.

Alli Ai Automations Screenshot

Key features

  • Bulk On-Page Optimization
  • Live Editor
  • Schema Markup Generation
  • Interlinks
  • Content Optimizer
  • Site Speed Optimizer
  • Automated A/B Testing


Monthly Cost$299$599$1199
AI Meta Descriptions and Title500 included then paid1500 included then paid5000 included then paid
Keyword Rankings Update2500 keywords8000 keywords20000 keywords
Page Crawls7500 page crawls30000 page crawls120000 page crawls

Pros and cons

Requires no coding knowledge to make site-wide technical changesLess focus on AI content creation
Bulk Optimization with just one-clickExpensive compared to other AI SEO tools
Works with any CMS
Self-adjusts to any new algorithm changes
Provides API Access

Why choose Alli AI

If you’re looking to implement technical fixes on your or your clients’ websites without extensive technical expertise, Alli AI is the ideal solution. Compatible with various CMS platforms, it allows you to create custom automations, putting a significant portion of your workload on autopilot.

Rytr Homepage

Best budget pick: Rytr

For a budget-friendly option, we highly recommend Rytr. As an AI-writing assistant, it enables users to quickly produce content, and its SERP Analysis integration ensures that the generated content is SEO-optimized.

Rytr boasts a user-friendly and minimalist UI, making it an affordable, no-frills choice for SEO professionals aiming to generate SEO-optimized content efficiently at scale.

A standout feature simplifying AI content generation in Rytr is the Rytr chat. Users can input custom prompts and incorporate AI responses directly into their content. This feature ensures users have the flexibility to generate AI content beyond the pre-made templates provided by Rytr.

Rytr Chat Screenshot

Key features

  • AI content templates
  • Custom templates
  • Rytr Chat
  • Semrush and SERP Analysis Integration
  • Image Generation


PlansPrice per monthAI Characters per monthAI Images per month
Free Plan$0100005
Saver Plan$910000020
Unlimited Plan$29Unlimited100

Pros and cons

Has a Free forever plan for beginnersOther SERP Analysis tools need to be used along with Rytr
Has AI Image generationThe unlimited plan only contains 1 user seat, additional seats need to be purchased.
One of the most cost-effective solutions in the market
Content generation in 30+ languages
AI Response time is noticeably fast

Why choose Rytr

If your primary goal is to generate SEO-optimized content, Rytr offers a cost-effective solution. While it may have fewer additional features compared to its competitors, this simplicity contributes to its affordability. Rytr doesn’t compromise on core features, making it an excellent solution for those operating on a tight budget.

Jasper Homepage

Best for freelancers: Jasper AI

Jasper stands out as an AI-writing assistant crafted for freelancers, entrepreneurs and in-house teams, alike. This versatile tool empowers users to effortlessly craft integrated marketing campaigns, addressing a spectrum of content marketing needs, ranging from SEO-optimized blogs to engaging social media posts.

Jasper’s integrated marketing campaign feature positions it as the ideal choice for freelancers managing diverse clients and platforms. With a single prompt, users can generate content for various platforms such as company websites, Twitter, Instagram, Google Ads, and more. This functionality streamlines the process for freelancers, enabling them to rapidly develop marketing campaigns for clients while ensuring consistent messaging across all platforms.


Jasper further solidifies its appeal for freelancers with its brand voice capability. Users can teach Jasper about their company’s style guide, product catalogs, company facts, and brand identity, ensuring that all content generated by Jasper remains consistently on-brand. In Teams and Business plans, users can even leverage multiple brand voices, providing the flexibility needed to cater to the diverse branding requirements of different clients.

Jasper Brand Voice Screen Recording

Key features

  • AI Content Creation
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Template Library
  • AI – Art Generation
  • Brand Voice
  • Jasper Chat
  • Integrations with multiple tools


Monthly Billing$49/month$125/monthCustom
Annual Billing$39/month$99/monthCustom
AI WordsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
User Seats13Custom
Brand Voice13Custom

Pros and Cons

Jasper uses the most advanced version of GPT, Anthropic and Google’s models for content creationDoes not offer a free plan
Provides API AccessLive chat is not available to all paid plans
Wide array of integrations available with other tools
Integrated marketing campaigns features makes content creation for multiple platforms extremely easy
Has great collaboration and user management tools for teams
Jasper AI has access to recent news and sources
Provides Unlimited AI words in all paid plans

Why choose Jasper

For freelancers managing multiple brands across various platforms, Jasper stands out as the ultimate choice, thanks to key features tailored to their needs:

  1. Integrated marketing campaigns: Streamlining content generation for multiple platforms with a single prompt.
  2. Extensive integrations library: Seamless compatibility with existing tech stacks, ensuring smooth collaboration.
  3. Brand voices: Tailoring content to suit specific brand tones, guaranteeing that Jasper aligns with the unique identity of each brand in the content generation process.
Semrush Screenshot

Best for agencies: SEMrush

SEMrush is like the “Swiss knife of SEO tools”. It allows users to do keyword research, competitor analysis, site audit, backlink analysis, content marketing and more from a single platform.

SEMrush stands out as a leading platform for keyword research and SEO, boasting an extensive database covering keywords, backlinks, domain profiles, and market insights. Its prominence in these areas is underscored by the fact that many other AI SEO writing assistants integrate with SEMrush to leverage its rich source of keyword ideas. Furthermore, SEMrush’s latest AI integration in its content marketing tools allows users to seamlessly generate content directly from the platform, eliminating the need to subscribe to additional tools.

The SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant delivers a comprehensive quality score for articles, considering four essential metrics: Readability, SEO, Originality, and Tone of Voice. Additionally, it offers personalized recommendations to enhance the article across these dimensions.

Powered by SEMrush’s AI integration, the Smart Writer feature allows users to request tasks such as rephrasing a block of content, composing new text, or engaging in a chat with the AI to generate fresh and relevant content.

Semrush’s Smart Writer Screenshot

SEMrush has expanded its content marketing tools with the inclusion of a new AI app called ContentShake AI. This freemium app, also accessible through SEMrush’s app center, enables users to swiftly generate long-form articles. Beyond article creation, ContentShake AI offers additional features such as AI Chat, Competitor Data analysis, and SEO improvement recommendations.

Semrush'S Contentshake Ai Screenshot

Key features

  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Smart Writer
  • ContentShake AI
  • Social Media tools
  • PPC tools
  • White label Reports


Monthly PlanUSD 129.95 / monthUSD 249.95 / monthUSD 499.95 / month
Annual PlanUSD 108.33 / monthUSD 208.33 / monthUSD 416.66 / month
Content Marketing ToolsNot IncludedIncludedIncluded

In the paid plans, users only get 1000 Smart Writer words. Then users have to pay an additional $20/month for 10,000 words. This can get quite expensive compared to other tools that offer unlimited AI words at a similar cost.

Pros and cons

All aspects from SEO to PPC can be managed from a single platformAI content creation can get quite expensive
Extensive keyword and backlink databaseOnly 1 user seat per plan. Additional seats need to be purchased
Agencies can white label client reports
Easy integration between keyword research and SEO writing assistant
Publish directly to WordPress from SEMrush
Plenty of AI Content Generation apps available in SEMrush app center

Why use SEMrush

SEMrush emerges as the ideal choice for agencies seeking a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects for their clients, spanning from SEO and Content Marketing to Social Media and PPC. With its superior keyword research capabilities and the inclusion of the SEO writing assistant, SEMrush ensures that articles are not only well-crafted but also SEO-optimized, ready to enhance the client’s online visibility and ranking.

Frase Screenshot

Best for beginners: Frase

If you’re a beginner seeking a user-friendly tool with minimal learning curve, Frase is an excellent choice. Among the array of AI SEO tools available, Frase stands out for its intuitive user interface, making it straightforward for users without compromising on its robust feature set.

Frase sets itself apart by providing distinctive features not present in other AI SEO tools, especially beneficial for beginners entering the field of SEO content creation. One notable feature is the Wikipedia Concept Map, allowing users to explore topics and generate lists of semantically related keywords.

Wikipedia Concept Map Screenshot

Frase boasts another standout feature with its Topic Planner, a feature that empowers users to curate a list of long-tail keywords derived from SERP Analysis. This curated list becomes a valuable resource for generating subtopics and creating targeted content pieces.

It’s important to note that the Topic Planner feature in Frase is currently in the beta phase, and there may be instances where it doesn’t generate a list of subtopics.

Frase Topic Planner Screenshot

Key features

  • Outline Builder
  • Topic Planner
  • Wikipedia Concept Map
  • AI Article Writer
  • Integrations with Google Search Console
  • AI Content Templates


Monthly PlanUSD 14.99/monthUSD 44.99/monthUSD 114.99/month
Annual PlanUSD 12.66/monthUSD 38.25/monthUSD 97.75/month
Articles Per Month430Unlimited
User Seats113

Users have to purchase Pro Add-On for USD 35/month to get Unlimited AI Generated Words, Keyword Search Volume, SERP Data and Frase’s AI Writer.

Frase does not offer a free trial. Users have to pay $1 for a 5-day trial of the product.

Pros and cons

Integration with Google Search ConsoleUsers need to purchase add-ons to get unlimited AI-generated words
Concept Map for idea generationLacks integrations with keyword research or CMS tools
Easy creation of topic clusters using Topic Planner
Intuitive and beginner-friendly user interface

Why choose Frase

Frase stands out as a straightforward AI SEO tool, perfect for beginners venturing into the creation of AI-generated SEO content. Its user-friendly interface allows users to dive into topic research and scale up AI content generation seamlessly. The tool offers easy organization of content pieces into folders, with the added ability to assign progress statuses for efficient tracking of on

going work. Beginners can further enhance their experience by connecting their Google Search Console account to Frase, streamlining the analysis of content performance without the need to toggle between different tools.

Worthy mentions

Surfer Seo Screenshot

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO stands out as an AI SEO tool designed to assist users in researching, writing, and optimizing content. Its robust content editor provides a curated list of relevant keywords and recommendations for optimizing content to enhance search engine rankings. Complementing this, Surfer SEO offers additional functionalities such as Site Audit, SERP Analyzer, and Surfer AI Add-ons.
However, Surfer SEO didn’t make our primary list due to its pricing structure. Notably, the Surfer AI add-on, unlike the other add-ons, is not included in any of the paid plans and must be purchased separately. The pricing model, at USD 29 per article, is comparatively high, especially compared to other AI SEO tools that offer unlimited AI words and up to 5 articles at a similar price point.

Writesonic Home Page Scaled


Writesonic is a great AI tool facilitating content creation across diverse use cases. Beyond its standard AI content templates, it has an out of the box keyword research tool to generate a list of relevant keywords for content pieces. Additionally, it provides pre-made templates for SEO meta tags, enhancing its utility for SEO-focused content creation.
However, despite its strengths, Writesonic falls short in providing comprehensive features for crafting truly SEO-optimized content. To achieve more detailed SEO analysis, integration with other tools becomes necessary.

How we’ve reviewed

In our quest to identify the best AI SEO tool, we evaluated several crucial factors:

  • Feature Set: We prioritized tools that go beyond mere content generation, ensuring they encompass essential elements like SERP Analysis and Keyword Research. This holistic approach enables users to create truly SEO-optimized content.
  • Pricing: Recognizing the diverse budgetary constraints of users, we sought tools that deliver exceptional value for their respective price points.
  • Integrations: Acknowledging the varied tech stacks employed by agencies, in-house teams, and freelancers, we favored AI SEO tools with comprehensive integration capabilities, promoting seamless collaboration with existing tools and software.
  • User seats and white labeling: Understanding the needs of agencies managing multiple clients, we considered tools that offer multiple user logins and the ability to white label reports. These features enhance collaboration and allow for a professional, branded presentation of reports.
  • AI Words Limit: We carefully assessed the AI-generated word limit, recognizing its significance in controlling costs. Tools with generous word limits ensure that users can generate content without the worry of exceeding restrictive thresholds and incurring unexpected expenses.

Why trust us?

As an SEO professional, I collaborate with numerous small and medium-sized businesses spanning various industries. I’ve seamlessly incorporated many of these tools into my daily workflow, witnessing a remarkable enhancement in efficiency and productivity because of them.

Each tool review stems from personal usage and thorough research. Afterward, the SEO Toolbelt team extensively evaluates the list. Their assessment accounts for the diverse needs and requirements across various user groups, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive evaluation.

Why invest in an AI SEO Tool?

Optimizing for search engines demands considerable time and effort. Given the frequent updates to Search Engine Algorithms and the continual emergence of fresh competitor websites, SEO remains a never ending activity.

Utilizing AI SEO tools can significantly alleviate the workload for freelancers, agencies, and in-house teams. By automating repetitive SEO tasks or utilizing AI to streamline these activities, such tools effectively reduce the time and effort required.

Here are some advantages of integrating AI SEO tools:

  • Efficiency in task execution: AI-powered tools drastically reduce the time and effort required to perform various SEO activities. This efficiency allows teams to achieve more in a shorter span, enhancing productivity. For example, with Alli AI, SEOs can deploy hundreds of technical and On-page SEO fixes in minutes.
  • Enhanced productivity: With AI tools like Jasper AI, marketers can seamlessly generate campaign content for multiple platforms concurrently, ensuring uniformity across channels. This improved productivity empowers freelancers to manage a greater workload for numerous clients, enabling them to take on and deliver more projects.
  • Adaptation to algorithm changes: With algorithms frequently updated by search engines, AI tools can quickly adapt and provide recommendations to align with the latest algorithm changes, keeping content and strategies up-to-date.


Are there any free SEO Tools? 

While tools such as Rytr and Scalenut offer Free plans, it’s important to note that the AI word limit in these free plans may be restricted, generally sufficient for just a few short-form or up to two long-form content pieces. These free plans are designed more as trial options, allowing users to explore the tools and their features.

How accurate is the keyword research capability of these tools?

It’s worth noting that the AI SEO tools mentioned may not offer as extensive a keyword database as dedicated platforms like Ahrefs or Semrush, which specialize in comprehensive keyword research and backlink analysis. The AI tools often provide fundamental statistics such as search volume, competition, and CPC for keywords—information that can also be obtained through free tools like Google Keyword Planner. For more in-depth keyword research, users may find it beneficial to integrate these AI SEO tools with dedicated platforms like Semrush.


From keyword research and on-page content optimization to crafting content tailored for diverse platforms and use cases, handling technical SEO fixes through automations, and conducting thorough website performance analysis – a robust AI SEO tool can efficiently address these tasks.

By automating routine processes, these tools empower SEO professionals to put a lot of their work on autopilot, allowing them to redirect their focus towards more critical and complex tasks.

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