Marketing Miner review

Use this data mining tool to uncover keyword search volume, keyword suggestions, product analysis, and much more.

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April 13, 2023
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15 minutes
Sam Underwood

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About Marketing Miner

Price range:
$29 - $99
Web Application


  • Marketing Miner enables data-driven SEO campaigns
  • It’s feature-rich
  • The platform has a free plan and supports flexible pricing points
  • It comes with a custom plan that makes it scalable
  • The software can handle a large volume of data at once
  • The tool simplifies SEO processes and does all the heavy lifting
  • It provides powerful insights that can help you outdo the competition
  • Marketing Miner supports clickstream data and analytics
  • It has a REST API that helps you extract data into your application


  • It doesn’t support multiple users
  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • The tool doesn’t have annual plans

Marketing Miner Screenshot

Searching for the best tool to handle bulk data for SEO, including rankings, keywords, and links? Look no further than Marketing Miner, our top choice for bulk data extraction. Ideal for agencies, freelancers, and in-house teams, this comprehensive platform offers a wide range of features to help you optimize your website and improve your rankings.

The TL;DR summary


Marketing Miner provides a user-friendly experience and solid features, excelling in bulk data reports. While lacking a strong roadmap, it offers quick support and excellent value. It competes well with industry giants.


Sleek, user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation. Solid aesthetics, catering to both beginners and experts. I didn’t once find myself lost with how to use the tool.


This tool is worth getting for its highlight feature: setting up individual reports for bulk data. Keyword and domain Profilers are useful, but they don’t measure up to the likes of SEMrush, SERPstat, Mangools, or Ahrefs.


I haven’t seen any recent announcements for new features. The only changes I have noticed are related to the user experience and design of the tool.
Nevertheless, the tool is already well-equipped with features. I’m not sure what else I could ask for!


We had quick responses from support whenever we got in touch. Support is also very knowledgeable and helpful. We struggled to start a live chat, but they do offer it.


Marketing Miner offers great value for money if you want to get bulk marketing data. However, offering an annual plan with a discount would be useful.

What is Marketing Miner?

Marketing Miner is an SEO tool designed to help users with data-driven organic search ranking campaigns. It simplifies keyword research, site audit, competitor analysis, link building, rank tracking, and more. It can analyze up to 100,000 keywords, domains, or URLs in one go, giving you bulk ranking data for your website and competitors.

You can use it for link building, brand monitoring, or content creation. It is suitable for enterprise use and large projects, and it has a REST API that allows marketers to extract its data to their own tools.

Marketing Miner is a “swiss-knife” of SEO tools. It adapts to your existing process, making it an ideal agency choice.

Overview of key features

Marketing Miner offers a range of features that make it competitive with top-rated SEO tools. Here are some of them:

  • Bulk Data Analysis – With Marketing Miner, you don’t have to worry about analyzing a large volume of data as it can simultaneously handle up to 100,000 keywords, URLs, or domains.
  • Keyword research – Provides insights into a website’s top-performing keywords, allowing users to discover in-demand keywords and topics.
  • Site audit – Runs an SEO analysis of any website, including broken link checks, duplicate content checkers, and technical site health analysis without third-party apps.
  • Rank tracking – With this software, you won’t need to track your keywords ranking individually again. Instead, it automates the process, updating you on your keyword performance in real-time.
  • Brand monitoring – Marketing Miner lets users monitor and track brand mentions and get real-time industry updates.
  • Competitor analysis – Marketing Miner lets users gain actionable insights and discover top-performing competitors’ keywords.
  • Link Building – The tool helps users find link-building opportunities and monitor existing backlinks. It also helps them get the contacts of site owners for collaboration.
  • Technology Detection – Marketing Miner can track your website traffic by visitor technology, such as operating systems (OS) or browsers. The insight helps you identify technical issues your site might have with any of these technologies. 
  • Page Speed Checker – The software enables users to access data about page speed and gain actionable insights to make their web pages faster on all devices.
  • Structured Data Checker – Marketing Miner helps users check if their web pages use structured data and discover markup types and errors.
  • Social Signals – The software lets users monitor and track their social signals like Facebook shares, Pinterest pin counts, and Stumbleupon views from a single dashboard.
  • Plagiarism Checker – This tool has a built-in plagiarism checker to help users produce original content.
  • Content Analysis – Marketing Miner provides users with insightful content analysis data they can quickly compare with competitors to optimize existing content and create more SEO-friendly articles or web copies. 
  • Hreflang Checker – The Hreflang checker lets users check if the hreflang tags for their pages are correct.
  • DNS Info – The tool can pull the DNS records of individual domains. It lets users see all the domains on the same IP addresses, making it insightful for link-building.
  • REST API and Third-Party Integrations – Miner features robust REST APIs that make it integrate seamlessly with several third-party applications.

Bulk Data Analysis

Marketing Miner’s headline feature is bulk data analysis. With this tool, you can analyze up to 100,000 keywords, URLs, or domains simultaneously. This includes search volume, SERP position, landing pages, or keyword difficulty.

Bulk Data Analysis

The bulk data analyzer supports about 40 tools to speed up your workflow. You can filter and find tools by data type, process type, or tool specialization.

One of the key benefits of this tool is that you can analyze and dice your data as you want and then export that bulk data in one fell swoop.

Keyword Research and Data

Positions Distribution

Marketing Miner’s bulk data analysis feature has a host of keyword data analysis and research tools and data connectors to help you analyze large data sets including:

  • Search volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • SERP position
  • Keyword suggestions

Domain and URL Data

Dns Info

The Bulk Data Analysis feature offers tools and connectors to manage bulk domain and URL data. It has connectors for Ahrefs and Majestic. These are the tools it provides:

  • DNS info
  • Domain availability
  • Technology detection
  • URL Validity checker
  • URL Index checker
  • Page speed

SEO and SEO Audit

Serp Analysis 1

The bulk analysis feature also lets you analyze your site’s SEO and complete your SEO audits with tools like these:

  • SERP analysis
  • Status Code tool
  • Structured data checker
  • Broken link checker
  • Backlink checker


Serp Ads 1

This feature lets you analyze and move your PPC data in bulk. It comes with the SERP Ads tool, which helps you track and report ads from multiple platforms, including Amazon and other marketplaces.

Other PPC tools include:

  • Keyword suggestions
  • Landing page
  • Related search
  • Keyword difficulty


Plagiarism Checker 1

This feature bundles tools to complete bulk content operations. For instance, the Landing Page Miner helps you choose the best landing page for your keywords, preventing keyword cannibalization.

It also provides a Plagiarism Checker to detect partial or full duplicate content on your website. Upload your URLs to the Checker to find competitors who plagiarize your content.

Link Building and Management

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Handle link building and manage operations in bulk. The Link Checker tool allows you to find all the pages linking to any page on your website. And the broken link finder tool helps you spot broken links.

You can coordinate your link building and management effort with these miners:

  • Link Prospecting
  • Backlink Checker
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Contact Finder

Competitor Analysis

Dyj309Mhlbde11Alhcdiym Ycwnfqn Reum4Mr3H9Bgkxvyaww6Bh0Nr52Cpdl9Xcxjr3I F 2Fgknfsqofvme8 Y8Fjehymzcninbr6G6Fvwzv56Dswyc6Pkxi6Gq8O3O77Bufb6A79Kd052Fr7T2Wfdjwy9 Prupez76Kljppt2Zbs18Vokgvt5Zq5Gg

Analyze competitors in bulk. Features like link building, content, SEO and other data analysis tools are already part of this process. Here are some other competitive analysis tools you can use:

  • Content Analysis
  • Social Signals
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Link Analysis tools
  • SERP Analysis
  • Technology Detection

Keyword Research

Marketing Miner offers a keyword research tool that helps users discover valuable and high-volume keywords for their search campaigns.

Here are some of its features:

Keyword Difficulty

The tool organizes keywords according to their difficulty to rank on Google. This insight helps users to start with the easier ones, leading to quicker results.

The reports are clear and easy to understand.

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The tool also provides data visualization of the keyword difficulty distribution.

Search Volume and Keyword Suggestions

Market Miner makes it easy to view the search volume of your target keywords and their trends over time. You can also discover similar search terms to your query to get new keyword ideas.

The tool displays the search volume, historical trends, and more.

Qxm0Xejvro1Jd2A7Iml8Rxqomqynfhnvbf Bs8Exxfksnijdsi5Cgvtagze Nla7Etvjow5Rbj1Pfqvf6Jy1Nckf1Eag7 A8Jaqpkkufct61Zolq7Xqcbsuryamhn2W5Fs1Ix9Tamcfywf0I4S4M0Wz4Wnwmy1Sj2Qschgxmmtrswjkx2Vec Dhspudszg

You’ll also see the total number of suggested keywords, their combined search volume and the average CPC.

Ymfizjzjj Zctekusadtkh4Maz3L5Vou62Wtiqvgqvmkilmvyfbm7Roqtvfab Qjmal6Kahl8Gwvytbrdgjgy59Svtbf0Tm4Nqpuq6Kftnaifapok4F9Apz1Xc3Boq5Jnx Iyrs1 Xnyh9Ti2Duhoa 3Bkwryjoj72Qufh5Mtsxuyr3Itr95Eswoadg9G

Scrolling down the report, you’ll see the suggested keywords, their search volumes, CPC, and difficulty. You’ll also see the year-over-year search volume change, keyword trend, and other SERP metrics.

Kfpiysupjnxqrfzwlkk 0 Rgkmsiswyubmvqavqji53V5Inmfcoabu2Omwx5Griwtt6Py9Lg1P1J5Yfvgfj7Xk5Do8I5Rzoif0Lxm889Htaagcjpuwbl3Rldzn23Rzwnfdtubbuipsgfroekm8

You can filter and export the data as a CSV file.

Trending Keywords

This tool offers keywords and trending keywords with a year-over-year (YoY) search volume increase of more than 100%. It provides the search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), difficulty, YoY volume change, and trend. SEOs can use this data to identify popular and relevant keywords that they may have previously deprioritized due to lower volumes.

H4Wna8B45Yd9Pe7Zakzaetgm5Xdv6Ozhjgio Yrwjdco91Fuf523Qdfm6Q95Vryrckzanwavswwzllpxkkpxitb9Gxei 5E6Pfwaac4D25Yemxf3Bzowrubh4Eoq 3Phshr Thexus0S7Rbhhulnvbd8Jyro1Rk0Xsb Luvba9Qotozpreiednpou Fozg

Next, it shows the trending keywords, their search volumes, CPC, keyword difficulty, YoY search volume change, and the trend.

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Keyword Categorisation

This tool categorizes your uploaded keywords into themes like price, location, season, and brand. It presents the report in an easy-to-view table and a data visualization to show the number of keywords in each category. This saves time and effort from manual categorization, making SEO more efficient and targeted.

Vao 6Qau Kgs2Pxcznjsxlenemmlskmqy0Ncl969Atdokqlfw Gs6Edian6Rtaxnsrstv0Oi6Sbudwtbw9Tadim73Zsuxncgogfbvllras5Oocctpq 421Poib A8Vwhlivdua5R2Muy2R8Pl0S8Hm2Gigcouemc9Fzha8Ammt9Kbrmt3Ydomkmolwjs W

New Keywords

The New Keywords profiler offers a comprehensive list of keywords searched in the past year. It shows a peak month metric and follows the same format as other reports.

This report helps you plan improvements and refreshes to your content. It shows when keywords are usually trending or require more recent information.

Ew 6Nbb8Unpnqrfzyiqaj6E8G Rwkjsct4Z1C1Ekpymbsgo Uvxcjytfpfupsudhtom1Wl26Bffq3Jrtko Iw3Cayvksjq7Pjrvedyahtvxlxswfu1Al5U6Zpc6Vdynfe6Vrdyhbr2U2Rfurqs1Trmyjm 7Rayomwkgtpw9Gyvqolt9Uzvs0Ehpkg5Gpw

Content Gap Analysis

Marketing Miner assists in identifying gaps in your content strategy by comparing up to three competitors’ domains and showing the keywords they are ranking for that you are not. The report includes keywords, search volume, ranking position, and competitors. By analyzing this data, you can quickly identify the keywords to optimize your website for your competitors’ target, but you aren’t.

Traffic Change

Next, it reports your domain’s estimated monthly traffic and total keyword count.

Monthly Traffic

When you scroll down the report, you’ll see the keywords, the search feature type (channel), estimated traffic, search volume, and ranking position. It also reports the total ranking positions and landing pages.

Marketing Miner Over View

This feature is valuable for SEOs who want to monitor their website’s search engine performance and make informed decisions to improve visibility.

Site Audit

Marketing Miner can also perform a site audit, although it’s not a highlight of the tool, and if you want to do a thorough analysis, you’d be better off with an alternative site auditor.

Still, here are some of the features the tool has.

Indexing Status

The built-in index checker lets you find all the URLs the search engines are yet to index and discover the reasons, making resolving them more straightforward.

The visualization tab lets you see the percentage of indexed and non-indexed URLs. You can also scroll down the report to see all the URLs and their indexation status.

Index Checker

HTTP Status Codes

You can quickly check the HTTP status codes for multiple pages at a go, including redirect chains and 404 errors. Also, you can import the dataset or copy and paste them. 

The report is intuitive. It shows the URLs’ first and last status codes—the last returned HTTP response code.

Status Codes

You can scroll down to drill into the report page by page.

Link Input

Broken Links

Broken links can adversely affect SEO. With Marketing Miner, you can check and fix all broken links. You could also use it to find broken links in related websites for link-building opportunities.

The report shows the percentage of broken and active links, including the URL and their destinations.

Broken Links 1

Keyword Cannibalisation

Keyword cannibalization occurs when two or more of your web pages unintentionally compete for the same keywords. As a result, it may reduce web traffic to your primary or landing page.

With this SEO software, you can track keyword cannibalization, including the search volume, the number of competing landing pages, and the highest-ranking landing web page.



Marketing Miner offers real-time alerts, enabling users to stay on top of their technical SEO. For example, you can create a project and set up alerts to get notified by email when status codes, structured data, robots meta tags, and canonical tag change.

While this feature is handy, if you want a more comprehensive SEO monitoring tool, we’d recommend ContentKing.

Rank Tracking

Marketing Miner helps you get a detailed understanding of your keywords’ performance over time. Here are some of its features:

Position Tracking

You can track the ranking positions of up to 200 keywords daily or 1,000 keywords weekly per project.

The report displays the position distribution over time and estimated monthly traffic. It also shows the keywords, search volumes, estimated monthly traffic, current and initial positions, and landing pages.

Rank Tracking

Competitor Monitoring

In addition to tracking your keywords, you can monitor the search ranking performance of up to five competitors to learn how your business competes against them in organic search.

Bulk Keyword Rank Checker

The Bulk Keyword Rank Checker feature allows you to monitor and evaluate up to 100,000 keywords. Furthermore, it assists you in assessing your ranking for web searches, images, and videos.

You can manually input or import the data from a file, URL, or external platforms such as Google Search Console or Google Sheets.

The report is easy to understand. It displays the inputted keywords, their Google positions, the number of results in Google, and the landing pages.

Serp Position

It also shows the Google search titles, search type (fulltext, images or videos), and competitors’ ranking positions.

You can also visualize the data.

Positions Google

The visuals here are impressive.

But the real advantage is exporting the data and using it for your own analysis.

Brand Monitoring

Marketing Miner has a built-in social listening feature. It keeps you updated on brand and competitor mentions and industry updates. Here are some of the benefits.


Brand Monitoring

You can monitor all your brand mentions in one place. The tool also sends email notifications so you can see to what people say about your business and respond accordingly.


You can also monitor what people are saying about your competitors. Then, with the insights from the report, you can pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses to help improve your own strategy.

Keywords and topics

Marketing Miners make it easy to set up and track keyword and phrase mentions easy. With this feature, you won’t miss important conversations and trends in your niche.

Alerts and data export

You can set up alerts for all keyword or brand mentions helping you react quickly to them. Also, you can export your files to Excel or Data Studio.

Moreover, you can monitor your mentions wherever you want with Marketing Miner’s API.

Alerts Marketing Miner

Competitor Analysis

The software lets you perform a comprehensive competitor analysis with just one click. You can explore their website traffic and the keywords they are ranking for. Here are some things you can do with it.

Traffic Volume

The tool assesses the likely traffic to a rival’s website or landing pages. You can also investigate the SERP feature that generates the most traffic for them.

Gain these insights from the search visibility report.

Serp Features Traffic Change 1

Competitor Keywords

Marketing Miner shows you the keywords, search volumes, and estimated traffic of your competitors. It also reveals their ranking positions, landing pages, and more.

Marketing Miner Over View 1

Top Pages and Subdomains

The tool provides you with information about the top-performing pages and subdomains of your competitors’ websites. With this data, you can analyze the content of the pages to gain insights and replicate their success.

Competing Pages and Domains

Marketing Miner can help you stay ahead of the competition, even if you don’t have a specific rival in mind.

The tool quickly finds websites that often appear in the same organic search results as yours.

The report will show you the total number of competitors, the domains they come from, and the number of shared keywords.

You can also view the level of competition, filter data, and export it.

Competing Domains

Link Building

Backlinks are essential for ranking in Google.

Marketing Miner can help you acquire more backlinks and boost your rankings above competitors.

Here is what you can do with the tool.

Link Prospecting

Link prospecting is an effective strategy for creating quality backlinks. It involves identifying websites that present collaboration and link-building possibilities.

Influence Score

Link prospecting report by URL

Marketing Miner can find these opportunities easily. You only need to input the keywords you want to target.

Domain Data

Link prospecting report by domain

Contact Finder

The contact finder helps you locate website owners’ contact details and social media links. This makes outreach simpler.

The tool also reports the percentage of found and not-found email contacts. This gives you a quick overview of your prospect list.

Contact Email

Scroll down to view a more detailed report. It will show you the domains, web contact pages, contact emails, and social media links.

Miner Overview

Backlink Checker

A backlink checker is already built-in, so you don’t need to buy an extra tool. With Marketing Miner, you can check the backlinks of a single page or create a project to track them.

You can see the percentage of pages with and without backlinks and where the backlinks are placed – footer, header, in the text, and sidebar.

Backlink Checker 1

The data overview reveals the input URLs, HTTP status codes, page speed score, and mobile friendliness. It also displays the robot.txt directive, Google indexation status, and the number of external and internal links for the page.

Input Links

REST API and Third-Party Integrations

The REST/POST API enables you to quickly obtain data from more than ten endpoints. You can then integrate this data into your own dashboards and tools. Here are some ways to use the API.

Projects API

Marketing Miner offers an API that allows users to access their project data without logging in to the platform. The API is user-friendly, and the software has detailed documentation on how to use this feature. This feature is helpful for SEOs who want to integrate their Marketing Miner data into other tools and streamline their workflow.


You need an active Majestic subscription to use the feature that lets you take bulk data from Majestic and use it in Marketing Miner.


Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool used by millions of search engine optimization professionals, including marketers from big companies like Facebook, eBay, Uber, and Tripadvisor.

You can integrate Marketing Miner with Ahrefs to get data about links, linking domains, and sites.

For instance, Marketing Miner reports the average number of referring domains, backlink counts, and referring pages.

Ahrefs Information

You’ll also see the backlinks and referring domain distributions.

Domains Distribution Block Graph

If you want tabular data, scroll down to find just that.

Referring Domains 1

Design / UX

Marketing Miner is easy to use. However, new users might require assistance due to its extensive features. Even with so many tools, its user interface is clear and easy to use, and I found it easy to navigate.

Customer support

Marketing Miner provides the following customer support:

  • Knowledge base
  • Ticket support (via email)
  • Social media support
  • Live chat

We had quick and helpful responses when we emailed support, which is a positive.

Contact Information


Marketing Miner offers flexible pricing points to cater to a wide range of users, albeit with no option for a discounted rate for yearly payments.

Marketing Miner has five pricing plans billed monthly. Here is a summary:

PlanMonthly PriceMonthly CreditsNumber of ProjectsTracked Keywords per WeekProcesses at OnceRows Input Size
Minee (Free)$01,000110 (weekly) or 3 (daily)15
Miner$29100,00011,000 (weekly) or 200 (daily)11,000
Digger$591,000,000101,000 (weekly) or 200 (daily)220,000
Machine$992,000,000201,000 (weekly) or 200 (daily)340,000

Is the pricing fair?

Yes, Marketing Miner is worth the price.

Compare its features, the quality of insights, and the cost of building a similar software stack with keyword research, site audit, link building, competitive analysis, and more. It’s a bargain.

The tool has a custom plan that lets you pay for only what you need. You can also try the free monthly plan to decide if it’s right for you and upgrade as your needs change.


Is Marketing Miner good for SEO?

Marketing Miner is an excellent SEO tool. It offers many functional features and advanced reporting capabilities. This makes it comparable to some of the best SEO software. Thus, it is a great addition to freelancers’, in-house marketers’, and agencies’ technology stack.

How accurate is Marketing Miner?

Marketing Miner is precise. It draws its information from Google and combines clickstream data to provide useful and timely understanding.

Is Marketing Miner easy to use?

Yes, Marketing Miner is user-friendly.
Its user interface is intuitive. Reports are easy to understand.
However, new users may require assistance with some features. But they can quickly learn about the tool’s principles from the knowledge base and help center.

Final thoughts

Marketing Miner enables marketers to integrate big data into their SEO campaigns. It also helps businesses and freelancers streamline SEO processes and gain valuable insights to stay competitive.

This software has many features that can reduce the number of tools you need, making it a great investment.

Sam Underwood

Sam is an international Ecommerce SEO Consultant with experience implementing enterprise-level SEO strategies.
Technical SEO, SEO strategy, Content strategy
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